Moorabool 2018 Exhibition

It’s all about the Exhibition at the moment…. have a preview here >>

Several hundred Fresh items are being processed, catalogued, conserved and photographed ready for Saturday November 17th. Our shop opens at 10am that morning, with the Exhibition formally opening at 11am. While everything is also fully previewable online, we don’t allow pre-sales – in order to keep it fair for all, where-ever in the world you are.

Classic pieces…. the painting in the background bears all the signs of a Pompeii painting. Watercolour renditions were popular souvenirs for visitors to the  ruins throughout the 19th century, so where can I date this one to?  The solution is just a quick Google away: the image is from the amazing room decoration of the Vettii, and depicts cherubs making perfume. As the house was only excavated in 1894, it has to be later than that… so circa 1900 it is!

The vase in this pic is an unusual one, and is actually Danish! It’s by Peter Ipsen, who learnt the potters trade at the Royal Copenhagen Manufacturer. On leaving the firm in 1843 he opened his own works, producing finely modelled pieces with a classical style – in this case, actually a replica of an ancient Greek neck-amphora of the 5th century BC….

A sample of some of the lovely pieces coming to our 2018 Exhibition!

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