Welcome to the website of the Australian Antique & Art Antiques Dealers Association (AAADA).

Formed in 1993, the AAADA has grown to become Australia’s most recognised Association of professional   antique and art dealers in the country. Between them, the members cover virtually every discipline from antiquities to contemporary fine art. Membership is open to those who meet the Association’s high standards regarding experience, quality of stock and knowledge of their subject.

The AAADA symbol on the door of an antique shop or gallery ensures that the dealer is an AAADA member and abides by the Association’s Code of Practice. The purpose of the Code is to maintain the highest standard of professional dealing, and to ensure, among other things, that all items for sale are clearly priced and correctly described thus giving the buyer reassurance when they are considering a purchase. You can also be confident when purchasing on our website, in the knowledge that the dealer subscribes to strict guidelines on the ethics of antique dealing and belongs to a recognised and respected national Association that vets its members.

Also on our website you will also find a listing by category and State of the AAADA’s Approved Service Providers. The individuals and businesses listed are chosen and recommended by our members of their abilities to provide ancillary services which are in keeping with the specialised skills required for maintaining, repairing and safe keeping of your most treasured objects.

The AAADA is a proud member of CINOA (Confederation Internationale des Negociants en Oeuvres d’Art), the international federation of thirty two art and antique associations worldwide, who all share the principals of quality and integrity founded on their depth of specialist knowledge. We also value our membership of the Australian Antiques and Art Market Federation (AAAMF). This body provides a communication network and unified voice for the leading art and antiques organisations in Australia.

Thus, in a constantly changing world, one can look upon antiques as venerable old people to be cherished and cared for. The ability to place them in their social context, adds greatly to their beauty enhancing and enriching one’s life experience. Not only do antiques decorate one’s interior, but also the practice of passing on items to the next generation and acquisition by inheritance can be espoused in environmental circles, as the ultimate form of recycling. Those committed to financial planning, view art and antiques as a worthwhile long term investment, seeing their purchase as a benefit and financially important within their investment portfolio.

We hope whilst visiting the AAADA’s website, that you find the dealer your want, the item you are seeking, and the advice you need or the information required.

Best wishes

Dawn Davis
National President


Dawn Davis
National President, Australian Antique & Art Dealers Association

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