A RING CYCLE – May 17- 27

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The ring is the eternal symbol of life, love, faith and power. For centuries it has inspired writers, musicians and artists. The ring is a marker of the cycle of life, from birth to betrothal and, as manifested in the mourning ring, even death.

Anne Schofield Antiques is pleased to present a collection of one hundred unique rings, which represent our enduring attachment to this band of gold. There are exquisite examples from the 18th century when even melancholy events were marked by rings of singular beauty, and Victorian versions with intimate sentiments such as “Be true to me as I to thee”, incised inside the hoop. Mourning rings were of great significance in the 18th    and early 19th centuries, many decorated with elaborate enamel work and often incorporating a lock of hair .

Timeless betrothal rings are also featured. The ever-popular solitaire diamond will be on show alongside more complex designs, all marking this momentous life event.
Art Deco diamond and gem set rings were the epitome of high style in their day. A century later they can still be seen as contemporary and chic, while the fabulously flashy 50’s cocktail ring never seems to have gone out of style.

We are excited to be showing some contemporary rings from Australian and international designers, specially chosen for their fine craftsmanship and design, as well as a fine selection of modern engagement and wedding rings.

Not all the rings on display sparkle. For the connoisseur, there’s a select group of gold rings set with extremely rare ancient Roman and neo-classical intaglios and cameos, carved in gemstones such as cornelian, amethyst and banded agate. These complete our fascinating cycle of rings through the ages.

Opening drinks Wednesday May 17, 6-8pm
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