Behind the design

At the core of what we design, produce and create is a deeply engrained ethos of forming and maintaining strong, respectful and close relationships with the communities of talented artisans we work with all over the world. Behruz himself holds this particularly close to his heart, resulting in an unsurprising longevity of relationships with workshops stemming from the late 80s.

Every season, Behruz travels over to our workshops to reconnect with the teams of artisans we work with, and to provide additional quality control for our custom projects. Most recently, Behruz ventured to Nepal and India to see our colleagues and friends, and source beautiful new additions for our design library. One of the main reasons for these trips (aside from the obvious fun had in seeing everyone overseas) is to hold ourselves and our managers accountable to the ethical parameters of what we do.

Behruz has come back humbled and inspired by the communities we have the pleasure of collaborating with and is driven to develop our creative outlook and social contribution even further. It is incredibly important to us that the essence of those communities is shared and communicated to the other end of the production process; you. In the simplest terms, we want to provide insight into the world behind the rugs created for you.

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