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There is no denying that the visual impact of Luke Irwin’s Mosaic Collection is matched by the outstanding discovery that lead to the design of these fascinating rugs. Every time someone comes into the showroom and sees our wall of samples of the Mosaic collection, the immediate reaction is one of marvel and intrigue.

In February 2015, Luke Irwin was laying electrical wiring in an old barn on his property in Wiltshire to serve as a ping pong room for his children. In doing so, he discovered a Roman mosaic which had lain unseen for 1,500 years sitting just 18 inches below what was to all appearances a perfectly unassuming back garden. A dream became a reality for the London based rug designer, and his phenomenal discovery lead to the design of a collection of rugs unlike any other.

Woven in silk and oxidised wool, these rugs appear to be so delicate in design yet are hand woven in a traditional knot, meaning they will stand the test of time and become tomorrow’s antiques. Continuing the history these rugs already hold, given their inspiration, is such an important and notable part of what makes this collection so special. The colour and design of the collection is phenomenal; Irwin has combined the fundamentals of history, beauty and geometry to create a collection that truly is like no other. We are immensely proud and privileged to be the Australian distributor of the Luke Irwin Mosaic Collection. To see the collection and the beauty it holds yourself, come into our showroom or visit our website.

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