We are pleased to present Travel, a list containing over 70 books and maps from the last three centuries describing the geography and ethnography of regions on all continents, and European discoveries by land and sea across the globe.

Highlights include a rare French 18th century children’s board game in the form of a Mappe-Monde; examples of both the coloured and non-coloured editions of White’s First Fleet account, Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales (1790); a Philips’ floor globe for merchant shippers (1925); and a wide selection of maps depicting most parts of the world.

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Journal of a voyage to New South Wales (coloured edition)

# 19269

WHITE, John (1756-1832)

$20,000.00 AUD

Philips’ 18 inch merchant shippers’ globe

# 18054

George Philips and Son

$22,500.00 AUD

Betts’s new map of the world, neatly dissected

# 10896


$1,650.00 AUD

Reise nach der Verbrecher-Colonie Neu-Südwales

# 10546

KELL, Julius

$1,100.00 AUD

Journal of a voyage to New South Wales

# 19270

WHITE, John (1756-1832)

$8,000.00 AUD

Mappe-Monde. Ou carte générale de toutte la terre, dressée sur les observations de Mrs. de l’Académie Royale des Sciences,

# 18727

$5,500.00 AUD

[PLATYPUS] Sur un nouveau genre de quadrupède édenté, nommé Ornithorhynchus – paradoxus;

# 10428

BLUMENBACH, Johann Friedrich (1752-1840)

$2,200.00 AUD

[MISSIONS] My trip in the “John Williams”

# 6465

THOMPSON, R. Wardlaw

$50.00 AUD

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