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This week, a selection of Japanese scroll paintings, some Arts & Crafts metalwork, Victorian porcelain, and various other interesting & useful items….


Paul Rosenberg, Alard Pett & all @ Moorabool Antiques


Feature Item

‘Arts & Crafts’ is the term we use to describe the design movement of the later Victorian age, where craftsmanship came to mean more than just decoration and simplicity was sough for, not hidden. The excesses of the ‘High Victorian’ style were replaced with simplified organic designs, and forms were often influenced by the elegance of Oriental design. In the selection here, we have a tray that clearly shows an Art Nouveau design – yet it conforms to ‘Arts & Crafts’ as the construction from a single sheet of copper is quite obvious, and the design somewhat naively hand hammered in. The round tray is also Art Nouveau in spirit, but has a hammered base giving it a hand crafted feel. The brass kettle has this same hammered finish, and is a delightfully simple ‘teardrop’ shape, while the kettle with the folding handle is extraordinary with a very flat form and v-shape profile. This particular kettle shows the influence of Dr Christopher Dresser, who travelled throughout Japan in the 1870’s and published numerous books and designs based on Japanese simplicity.

These pleasing pieces show the beginnings of the ‘Modern’ style which followed in the 20th century.

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