MIKLOUHO-MACLAY, Nicholas [Russian, 1846-1888].

A superb portrait depicting Koapena a chief in the region of Hood Lagoon
AUD $115,000
August News
This month’s themed list spans five centuries of material relating to Western encounters with Papua and New Guinea: from Ruscelli’s double-hemisphere world-map revised for the 1598 printing of Ptolemy’s Geographia; to the fine watercolour-portrait of Koapena the Hood River region Chief (pictured above); and his meeting with the Australian Squadron leader Commodore James Erskine recorded in a substantial photographic album, a striking record of early contact. A few items are illustrated below or to view the full list please click here.
We have also featured on our website a landmark in the development of Australian illustrated books: the album of early Colonial views by Joseph Lycett, Governor Macquarie’s convict-artist. To view please click here.
FORREST, Thomas.
A Voyage to New Guinea, and the Moluccas, from Balambangan… London, 1779.
‘Of examination and inquiry rather than of discovery’
AUD $4250
Picturesque New Guinea. London, 1887.
The most outstanding example of expedition photography
AUD $3850
ROSENBERG, Carl Benjamin Hermann von.
Reistochten naar de Geelvinkbaai op Nieuw-Guinea… The Hague, 1875.
Early Ethnology of West Papua
AUD $3200
Geografia di Claudio Tolomeo Alessandrino… Venice, 1598-99.
The Classical atlas with ‘modern’ maps
AUD $13,850

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