Mughal embroidery, silk chain stitch c.1700 also known as Gujarat, western India. Size: 260 x 136 cm

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  • Mughal embroidery, silk chain stitch


Fine chain stitch of this type was made by professional male embroiderers of the Mochi community in Gujarat in western India. It was worked with a hook, ari, and a needle. Ari-work attracted the attention of western travellers to Gujarat. The East India Company exported these embroideries from the port of Cambay, and they were known as 'Cambay embroideries'. Designed in the European taste, there is a wide palette of beautiful natural dyes including indigo and lac, an insect dye similar to cochineal. This extraordinarily fine chain-stitch is typical of the work done in Gujarat where the finest quality embroideries were produced for both the Mughal court and the Western market. The ground weave is a cotton fustian or twill.

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