Pskent Suzani c.1880 also known as embroidered textile from Uzbekistan, Size: 242 x 138 cm

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Suzani were traditionally embroidered by the women of the bride’s family. This piece, bordered on three sides only, may well be a bridal sheet rujzo or prayer hanging. The tradition of dowry gifts of needlework is an ancient one and a custom which at one time existed in many cultures. Textile gifts were firstly an expression of the bride-to-be’s wealth and skills as an embroiderer and secondly, a means of communicating and perpetuating tribal symbols and totems. This is a palak, where the whole surface is covered with embroidery, and is typical of Pskent suzani. An early feature is the crimson dyed wool in particular motifs and an unusual and perhaps unique aspect is the appearance of the so-called memling gul, the latch-hooked principal design motif. 
Exhibited at the AGNSW ‘Silk Ikats of Central Asia’ with the Islamic Arts Museum of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 2009  

Price: $11,000.00

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