Batik cloth, kain panjang mid 20th century also known as from Cirebon, north coast Java. Size: 249 x 103 cm

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  • Batik cloth, kain panjang


The classic ceramics motifs from China have  heavily  influenced batik motifs in Cirebon on the north coast of Java. One of the most famous Cirebon batik motifs  is the Chinese cloudband, megamendung, which suggests rain and therefore life for crops and fertility. This cloud motif is dominated by layers of blue of different shades. The more and complex numerous the layers, the more intricate and demanding the batik process of resist dyeing. It is said that the dark blue refers to dark rain clouds, the life-giver, while paler blue symbolises the brighter hope of the future. It is a beautifully executed and fine batik cloth. 

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