Australian Whip Handle 1933

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  • Australian Whip Handle
  • Australian Whip Handle


55.0 cm

An Australian Whip Handle.
Ringed Gidgee is a unique and rare Australian hardwood. This timber is known for its depth of colour and extreme hardness. It is the third hardest wood in the world according to the Wood Data Base. This tree is a member of the Acacia family and it thrives in challenging terrains. Traditionally it is used by Aboriginal People for boomerangs and nulla-nullas. It is found primarily in arid and semi-arid Queensland. It grows up to 12 metres.
Dunumbral Station, Collarenabri NSW is no longer over 400,000 acres (today about 40,000) and running more than 100,000 sheep, but still shears more than 10,000. A flood in 1890 records the drowning of 93,000 sheep! It is a property with a rich history beginning in 1838. The shearing shed was built in 1872 and has been restored by the current owners. It has always been owned by prominent pastoral and political, families. A piece of Australian History and a beautifully made object. Length 55 cm including leather loop.

Price: $850.00

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