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Two giltwood poplar panels carved with two of the stations of the cross. 1. The procession of Christ carrying the cross with Saint Veronica holding the cloth upon which is Christ s image, she having wiped his face during the arduous journey. The composition of this panel gives the impression of a huge crowd of soldiers around the central figure of christ. Jesus seems to be floating as he carries the heavy cross. The foot of the cross is supported by a young male lay figure. An unusual feature is that Jesus is restrained by a rope around his waist held by a Roman soldier brandishing a club. The opposing planes of the spears, cross and figures work very well. 2. Christ and the crown of thorns. The uniforms and the robes are very detailed and beautifully carved, the leather laps on the roman uniform being particularly well executed. The kneeling figure is offering a lily to Christ whose pain is clearly shown in the positions of his legs and shackled arms. The force with which the soldiers are ap

Price: $18,000.00

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