Michael Reid

until May 29th

Michael Reid Sydney’s inaugural lightbox exhibition is entitled, Light Years. The term denotes a long distance; a great improvement and speed. That long distance refers to just how far the technology has come; from the hot and inconsistent fluorescent tubes; from the heat damaged prints, and from the clumsy, heavy box.

The new LED form of the lightbox finally allows this art-medium to stand beside large scale photographic prints, no longer as a cumbersome experimental box, but a captivating, slimline and resolved mode of presentation.

Each significant contemporary artist in this enluminure, has selected an iconic image to highlight the colour, detail and visual ambition capable with this new medium. These are Australia’s leading photo-media artists, presented by Australia’s leading photo-media gallery. As always, Light Years ahead.

Please join our Artists for the Finissage of this groundbreaking exhibition at sundown on the 25th of May. Details below.

Request PDF catalogue: LIGHT YEARS

Petrina Hicks, Venus, 2013-2019

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