On the opening day one of the finest gilt bronze Amitayus, the Celestial Buddha of Infinite Life, to be seen in Melbourne for some time was sold to a foreign buyer, for an undisclosed but sizeable amount. A similar one was sold in Christie’s Auction House in  New York just last year.

The Celestial Buddha originated from the Tibetan region, possibly inner Mongolia, Dobn Nor. The old Mongol capital; Xanadu was patronised by the Qing Emperors as a centre of Buddhist learning during the time of the figures production.

The Pop Up Antiques Fair is presented by the Australian Antiques and Art Dealers Association and is hosting four local dealers at their shop in Malvern. This is the first Pop Up Shop for the AAADA, moving Antiques and Art sales with the times.

The AAADA Pop Up Antique Fair is a collaboration between Elizabeth Syber Antiquarian, Valentine’s Antique Gallery, The Find Antiques and Anton Venoir Antiques, all local dealers to Melbourne. Each of the dealers have magnificent items that would be at home anywhere in Europe, the USA and fortunately now, for Melbournites, here in Malvern.

The AAADA Pop Up Antique Fair is on from 23rd of May until the 2nd of July, open every day from 10am to 6pm. Located at 1-3 Station Street, Malvern.

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