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Very large stock of antique prints, maps, paintings, and photographs of Australia, Pacific, South East Asia, World. Reference books. Regular catalogues issued.

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Victoria C1885
County of Mornington Victoria
County of Mornington Victo ... C1874
County of Ripon Victoria
County of Ripon Victoria C1874
County of Dalhousie Victoria
County of Dalhousie Victor ... C1874
County of Polwarth, Victoria
County of Polwarth, Victor ... C1874
County of Talbot Victoria
County of Talbot Victoria C1874
County of Grant Victoria.
County of Grant Victoria. C1874
County of Rodney Victoria
County of Rodney Victoria C1874
Melbourne 1895
Victoria. 1874
Map of the Gippsland District
Map of the Gippsland Distr ... 1874
District of Wimmera Victoria
District of Wimmera Victor ... 1874
County of Heytesbury, Victoria
County of Heytesbury, Vict ... 1874
County of Follett, Victoria.
County of Follett, Victori ... 1874
Orographische Karte der Provinz Victoria
Orographische Karte der Pr ... 1871
Coppinger’s Flycatcher - Piezorhynchus medius
Coppinger’s Flycatcher - ... 1875
Broadbent’s Honey-eater - Stigmatop
Broadbent’s Honey-eater ... 1875
Black-and-White Flycatcher - Poecilodryas bimacula
Black-and-White Flycatcher ... 1875
Nlle Holland: Port Jackson Sauva
Nlle Holland: Port Jackson ... 1825
Nlle. Hollande: Port-Jackson. Sauvages des Montagn
Nlle. Hollande: Port-Jacks ... 1825
A Family of New South Wales
A Family of New South Wale ... 1792
Casuarius Australis. Australian Cassowary.
Casuarius Australis. Austr ... 1889
Diomedea Culminata. Culminated Albatross.
Diomedea Culminata. Culmin ... 1889
Vestigii d'uno Ampiteatro nominato da gli Antichi Castense..
Vestigii d'uno Ampiteatro ... 1660
Vestigii d'una porta de la Citta, chiamata antichamente porta Neuia, hora detta Porta Maggiore....
Vestigii d'una porta de la ... 1660
Vestigij di una Piramide di marmoro...
Vestigij di una Piramide d ... 1660
Untitled 1922
Market Square, Melbourne, from the Values of the Yarra-Yarra
Market Square, Melbourne, ... 1853
The Harbor Trust Operations at Fisherman's Bend, Melbourne, Victoria.
The Harbor Trust Operation ... 1884
National Model & Training School, Melbourne.
National Model & Training ... 1857
Melbourne Harbour Trust Works: A Trip with the Commissioners.
Melbourne Harbour Trust Wo ... 1882
Gt. Collins St Looking West from Russell Street Melbourne
Gt. Collins St Looking Wes ... 1857
Collins Street, Looking East.
Collins Street, Looking Ea ... 1886
St.John's Church, Camberwell.
St.John's Church, Camberwe ... 1868
Congregational Church, Brighton.
Congregational Church, Bri ... 1878
Gt. Bourke St. looking East from Queen St. Melbour
Gt. Bourke St. looking Eas ... 1857
The Law Courts
The Law Courts 1886
Mappamondo o sia Descrizione Generale del Globo Terrestre ed Acquatico.
Mappamondo o sia Descrizio ... 1740
Indiae Orientalis Nova Descriptio.
Indiae Orientalis Nova Des ... 1630
Carta Marina Nuova Tavola.
Carta Marina Nuova Tavola. 1561
Asia Divisa nelle sue Parti secondo lo stato prese
Asia Divisa nelle sue Part ... 1691
First map of Australia from Nicholas
First map of Australia fro ... 1547
The New Eastern Market
The New Eastern Market 1878
Ierusalem niewlicks uytde S Schrift en Josephus
Ierusalem niewlicks uytde ... 1729
A Young Woman of Otaheite, Bringing a Present.
A Young Woman of Otaheite, ... 1784
The Entrance of ye Harbour of Batavia
The Entrance of ye Harbour ... 1669
General View of the City of Algiers from the Sea.
General View of the City o ... 1865
B.J.T. Bosanquet
B.J.T. Bosanquet 1905
Jacob Meets Esau
Jacob Meets Esau 1720
Hotel Le Ville Bruges
Hotel Le Ville Bruges 1912
The Times Plate I and II
The Times Plate I and II 1805
Mungakahu, Chief of Motupoi and his Wife Ko Mari.
Mungakahu, Chief of Motupo ... 1847
Northamptonshire 1695
Osphranter Antilopinus
Osphranter Antilopinus 1845
Black-naped Cat-bird
Black-naped Cat-bird 1875
Medium Flore Argenteo
Medium Flore Argenteo 1713
Entired-Leaved Banksia. Banksia Intergrifolia.
Entired-Leaved Banksia. Ba ... 1827
Examining the Days Work, a Bendigo Sketch
Examining the Days Work, a ... 1854
Kew 1883
Victoria or Port Phillip
Victoria or Port Phillip 1854
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