Nomadic Rug Traders

Dealers since 1975 specialising in antique oriental rugs, carpets and kilims, Southeast Asian textiles and tribal art. We offer expert cleaning and conservation and are Government approved valuers under the Cultural Gifts Program.


Carpets & Rugs; Islamic Art; South-East Asia; Textiles; Tribal Art

Nomadic Rug Traders
125 Harris Street
Pyrmont NSW 2009
By appointment only
Ross Langlands
Irene Langlands
T: 02 9660 3753
M: 0407 244 104
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Batik cloth, kain panjang
Batik cloth, kain panjang mid 20th century
Samarkand Suzani
Samarkand Suzani mid 20th century
Seichur rug
Seichur rug c.1900
Surahani long rug
Surahani long rug c.1860
Pskent Suzani
Pskent Suzani c.1880
Feraghan carpet
Feraghan carpet c.1900
Gilzai Kilim
Gilzai Kilim c.1900
Afshar rug
Afshar rug c.1900
Mughal embroidery, silk chain stitch
Mughal embroidery, silk ch ... c.1700
Bokhara Suzani
Bokhara Suzani c. 1850 Provenance: A Portuguese estate, Lisbon.
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