Joseph McGlennon: Eclectus Australis

Melbourne Art Fair: August 2 – 5, 2018

Booth: A12

From the beginning of European settlement in Australia, curious specimens of strange flora and fauna were observed, collected and catalogued. A great interest by European naturalists in this ‘land of contrarieties’, together with the competitive acquisitiveness of imperial museums, saw large shipments of natural specimens sent back to Europe. Descriptions and studies of new-found flora and fauna were published, and scientific literature flourished.

Within Eclectus Australis, 2018, Joseph McGlennon takes his audience forward; combining elements of our early enchanting clash of the scientific with our centuries-old romantic need to gather and order. Here McGlennon extends two earlier bodies of work (Strange Voyage, 2011 & Florilegium, 2014), into the clear light of the Australian landscape. McGlennon captures within each photograph, a brilliant moment wherein lies the strangeness and great beauty of an imaginary ‘Land of contrarieties’.

[above: Eclectus Australis, Salmon Crested Cockatoos, 2018]

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above: Eclectus Australis, Three Cockatiels, 2018

below: Eclectus Australis, Australian Barn Owl, 2018

Joseph McGlennon’s photographic works are majestic recreations of animals in their natural habitats – each created through layering and arranging hundred of images into one. The landscape is as important as the animal itself – there are no blurred backgrounds or subdued foregrounds in McGlennon’s montages. The inclusion of every detail creates a hyper-real effect that pulls the viewer into contact with the flora and fauna that the planet stands to lose.

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above: Eclectus Australis, Brown Goshawk , 2018 

below: Eclectus Australis, Indian Peacocks, 2018

Joseph McGlennon
Australian Bird Studies from McGlennon’s Audubon Folio, 2018

A sky-full of nine charming ornithological studies, portraits of curious and rare birds now to be found in Australia.

Solander Box; including 9 x signed pigment prints (60 x 60 cm each)

Edition of 15 & 1AP

Explore works in the Audubon Folio

above: Audubon- Eclectus Green Parrot, 2018 

below: Audubon – Black Cockatoo, 2018

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