Marc Etherington: Couch Potato
9 Aug – 28 Aug 2018
Marc Etherington’s new exhibition Couch Potato is a homage to hours whiled away in the comforting fuzz of the TV. Within this exhibition Marc re-creates and re-imagines characters and scenes from Seinfeld to Cliffhanger, Murder She Wrote, to classic movies. The paintings and sculptures from this show tap into our collective nostalgia for pop culture of the 1990s and 2000s. With an eye for amusing detail and a penchant for finding humour in all things, Marc captures the comfort found in popular film and television.

above: Jerry and Newman, 2018

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above: Frasier in Seattle, 2018

below: Island Hoppers, 2018

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above: Drake (iPhone), 2018 

below: Goodfellas, 2018 

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