Neridah Stockley: New painting and porcelain works

Michael Reid Sydney + Berlin is pleased to share new works by Neridah Stockley. Living and working in the Northern Territory, Neridah Stockley has carved a successful career as a painter, known for her harmonious employment of colour and form in her painted depictions of suburbia. This latest offering of work includes a suite of slip cast porcelain vessels, a practice encouraged by her recent award of a six week residency at the Pottery Workshop in Jingdexhen, China.

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Neridah Stockley, Marrakesh II, slip cast porcelain with underglaze, 2019 (2 units)

Neridah Stockley distils landscape into simple forms. Within her paintings we see a vernacular articulation of space and shape, creating a recognisable short-hand that is both brief and resolved.

Neridah Stockley’s approach to painting is unshackled from the expectations of technical and academic methodologies. The resulting compositions take up residence somewhere in the subconscious. Each work finds an ongoing resonance; a pleasing and lasting harmony. These are certainly artworks to be lived with.

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