Welcome to our monthly list for October 2018, with nearly 200 items.

Among the highlights are a late 19th century photograph album containing views of the interior of Paraguay, dating to just before the founding of the New Australia colony; an important hand coloured copper engraving by Grasset de Saint-Sauveur (Paris, 1798) illustrating the discoveries of Cook and La Perouse; an obscure ephemeral Arthur Rackham item, The Wendy Calendar (1911); a leaf from the Coverdale Bible – the first Bible printed in English (1535); plus a wide selection of books on Australian and international artists, 18th century bindings, Australian children’s books, sheet music, and ephemera.

Happy browsing.

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# 19633

GRASSET DE SAINT-SAUVEUR, Jacques (1757 – 1810)

Tableau des decouvertes du Capne. Cook & de la Perouse

$8,500.00 AUD

# 19298

DAVIS, John (1936 – 1999)

Untitled (circa 1987)

$2,400.00 AUD

# 19459

FRANCIS, Dorothea (1903 – 1975)

Fairy standing in a rose petal boat

$1,650.00 AUD

# 19307

GREIG, Brian

The Southern Skies Orrery

$7,500.00 AUD

# 19284


The Wendy Calendar by Arthur Rackham

$3,000.00 AUD

# 18614

山田申太郎 (Yamada Shintarō) & 高原徹也 (Takahara Tetsuya), edited by 日原昌造 (Hihara Shōzō).

[MAPS] 万国地誌略諳射訳図 (萬國地誌略諳射譯圖)(萬國地誌畧諳射譯圖) [Bankoku Chishiryaku Ansha Yakuzu]

$5,500.00 AUD

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