Fellia Melas Gallery | New in the Gallery

New in the Gallery

Lawrence Starkey
Charging the Ground
Oil on Canvas

Matthew Johnson
Dapple Light , 2009
oil on canvas


Jasper Knight

Orange & Blue GT

oil on card


Ray Crooke

Island Village

oil on canvas board



Future Exhibitions.

Exhibition 4×4

Opens September 22, 2018

works by: Tony Irving, Sally Paxton, Nick Young & Sophie Haythornthwaite

Brett Whiteley

Works on Paper Exhibition

Opens October 20,2018

Michael Reid | Joseph McGlennon: Eclectus Australis & the Audubon Folio

Joseph McGlennon: Eclectus Australis

Melbourne Art Fair: August 2 – 5, 2018

Booth: A12

From the beginning of European settlement in Australia, curious specimens of strange flora and fauna were observed, collected and catalogued. A great interest by European naturalists in this ‘land of contrarieties’, together with the competitive acquisitiveness of imperial museums, saw large shipments of natural specimens sent back to Europe. Descriptions and studies of new-found flora and fauna were published, and scientific literature flourished.

Within Eclectus Australis, 2018, Joseph McGlennon takes his audience forward; combining elements of our early enchanting clash of…

Hordern House | August News

A superb portrait depicting Koapena a chief in the region of Hood Lagoon
AUD $115,000
August News
This month’s themed list spans five centuries of material relating to Western encounters with Papua and New Guinea: from Ruscelli’s double-hemisphere world-map revised for the 1598 printing of Ptolemy’s Geographia; to the fine watercolour-portrait of Koapena the Hood River region Chief (pictured above); and his meeting with the Australian Squadron leader Commodore James Erskine…

Peter Walker Fine Art| Anthony Smerdon | SALA Exhibition opens

ANTHONY SMERDON will be presenting a collection of finely crafted models all inspired by classical antiquity and the Renaissance.

The Grand Tours were undertaken by Europeans during the 18th and 19th centuries in order to immerse themselves in the cultural legacy of classical antiquity and the Renaissance.

The purchase of objects and sculptures was an essential part of the Tour, and on return they were placed into libraries, drawing rooms and galleries, giving the grand tourist a memoir of their cultural experiences.

“In my sculptures I hope to evoke the memories of classical and architectural beauty. These architectural forms…

Douglas Stewart Fine Books | New Acquisitions August 2018

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to our New Acquisitions list for August 2018.

Highlights include a first edition of Kippis’ Life of Captain James Cook (1788); a number of attractive early editions of Darwin’s works; some significant books on American conceptual and minimalist artist Sol LeWitt; Japanese woodblock printed games and maps from the Meiji period; a Federation period poster mentioning a play about the Kelly Gang, printed in West Maitland in the Hunter Valley; individual issues of The Lone Hand magazine; books on China and Chinese art; and a wide range of Australian printed ephemera.


To encourage orders placed via…

Behruz Studio | The Incredible Story Of Luke Irwin’s Discovery Of The Deverill Villa


Presented by Behruz Studio

There is no denying that the visual impact of Luke Irwin’s Mosaic Collection is matched by the outstanding discovery that lead to the design of these fascinating rugs. Every time someone comes into the showroom and sees our wall of samples of the Mosaic collection, the immediate reaction is one of marvel and intrigue.

In February 2015,…

The art of collecting wine

With the earliest evidence of its production dating back to 4100BC in Armenia, wine has played a significant part in the cultures and economies of many eras of ancient history. Today, we’re enjoying it in increasing numbers; suffice to say, our interest in wine has longevity, much like the liquid itself. 

Wine collecting can therefore be considered one of the oldest pastimes of all. And if you’ve ever thought about building your own collection – whether it be for personal interest or investment reasons – we’ve put together a list…

Christopher Day Gallery | Recent acquisitions

Please find below a selection of recent acquisitions

Garry Shead – ‘To See The Queen’  Oil 52 x 54 cm $48,000

An excellent example from The Royal Suite Series.

A larger similar work (92 x 122cm) very recently sold at auction for $208,636

Benjamin Edwin Minns (1864-1937) A Midday Break  Watercolour 24 x 36 cm $4,400

A wonderful glimpse from a by-gone era



Fiona and I look forward to seeing you in the Gallery very soon.

Open Wednesday – Saturday 12 – 6pm or by appointment

Valentine’s Antiques and Gallery 369 | Joint exhibition

Please join us for our upcoming joint exhibition:

The Gentleman’s Collection: Contemporary Australian Art
Something Old, Something New: Andre Sardone, Metal Work and Sculpture

Brad Boyd, Balaclava Road – Caulfield, Oil

The Gentleman’s Collection: Contemporary Australian Art

Featuring works by David Bromley, John Cobby, John Tiplady, Evan Mackley,

Brad Boyd, Simon Mackley, Pro Hart

Something Old, Something New: Andre Sardone, Metalwork and Sculpture

Andre Sardone, Easy Sunday

Artist’s Statement:

My artwork is made predominantly from salvaged steel, be it from old farm machinery, waste from the local steel fabrication company, car and truck parts, railway components or whatever unique pieces come my way. …

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