June Catalogue | Hordern House

Detail of An Arunta man from
A core ethnographical classic rare complete in three original parts
AUD $37,500
June Catalogue
Our June catalogue embraces material relating to Australia and the Pacific from the earliest European conception of a southern land to the voyages of Cook, Flinders, La Perouse and Freycinet. Cook’s contribution is traced in a matched pair of beautiful library globes. Australia as an emerging geo-political centre is…

Bow Porcelain from The Taylor Collection | Etruria Antiques

Bow Porcelain from The Taylor Collection

At the Antiques Fair Melbourne earlier this month, we released the Kakiemon decorated Bow Porcelain from The Taylor Collection. The remaining pieces are now on the website, along with some other additions. For a complete list of recent additions, click here. Meanwhile, here are some highlights:

Exotic Bird. Chelsea c. 1765 $2,000

Pair of Dessert Plates. Bow c. 1757 $5,000

Hors D’Oeuvre Dish. Bow c….

The Moroccan Collection | Behruz Studio

From the Middle Atlas Mountains

Hand woven by Berber tribes in the Atlas Mountains, the latest additions to our Moroccan collection bring an element of ancient culture to our studio. Due to their rural isolation, many Moroccan Berber tribes continue to live as they would have centuries ago. Just as their culture and way of life has continued, the techniques and protective symbolism of their ancestors have received the same preservation. Handed down from mother to daughter, the designs are made to heal, protect and tell a story; it could be expressive of the tribe’s history or the life of the…

Fresh @ Moorabool….

Fresh @ Moorabool….
New additions.

We are pleased to offer some fresh additions to
This week, some great usable carafes, a collection of miniature porcelain birds, and a small group of 18th century Worcester with turquoise detailing – as well as other well-priced temptations.

Our ‘make an offer’ sale continues,


Paul Rosenberg, Alard Pett & all @ Moorabool Antiques

Featured Acquisitions | Children’s Books | Douglas Stewart Fine Books

Featured Acquisitions | Children’s Books

We present a selection of recently acquired children’s books (mainly Australian, but with a smattering of American and English titles), including Ida Rentoul Outhwaite’s Fairyland (1926) and Ethel Jackson Morris’ The White Butterfly (1921), both with the publisher’s prospectus.

Happy browsing!

View the entire list here.

Autumn Exhibition and Sale | Christopher Day Gallery

Autumn exhibition and sale – all offers considered ends Saturday  19th may 2018Your opportunity to buy a superb oil painting or watercolour at a very good price finishes on Saturday 19th may 2018.

Your opportunity to buy a superb oil painting or watercolour at a very good price finishes on Saturday 19th may 2018. Some wonderful works still available.

Our problem is your opportunity!  We are determined to find good homes for many of the superb oilpaintings and watercolours.


Hours  Wednesday – Saturday 12 – 6pm or…

New Acquisitions May 2018 | Douglas Stewart Fine Books

Welcome to our list of New Acquisitions for May 2018.

Highlights include a presentation copy of the Ethel Spowers-illustrated Arrows of Longing (1921); a unique copy of Kenneth Patchen’s Poemscapes, with handpainted covers by the poet; a rare French cased atlas with 8 folding world maps (1827); a fine set of Broinowski’s Birds of Australia (1890-91); a beautiful edition of Hasegawa’s Japanese Fairy Tales, with wood block illustrations (c.1922); a wide variety of printed ephemera and early photography, books on art and travel … and much more!

Happy browsing!

View the…

Petrina Hicks – Still Life Studio | Michael Reid

Petrina Hicks – Still Life Studio
9th – 29th May

In Still Life Studio, Petrina Hicks synthesises many of the key elements from across her celebrated career. With an unparalleled sensitivity to the photographic handling of colour, texture and composition, this body of work presents one of Australia’s leading contemporary Artists at her refined and contemplative best.

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