Lauraine Diggins Fine Art | A Closer Look At…..ZHOU Xiaoping – the art of collaboration

ZHOU Xiaoping’s interest in Australian indigenous art and culture has been inspired by his journeys to remote communities and his friendships with Aboriginal people, leading to a unique cultural exchange, most clearly evident in the collaborative paintings Zhou has undertaken with significant indigenous artists.
The artworks included in the exhibition, created over a period of nearly 20 years, are a celebration of his experiences and his desire to share his understanding of indigenous culture through his own art.
Lauraine Diggins Fine Art invites you to take
 A Closer Look At…. 
the collaborative art of Zhou Xiaoping
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Michael Reid | Vale Polixeni Papapetrou

My heart, still full of her,

Traveled over her face, and found her there no more…

I thought to myself that a woman unknown

Had adopted by chance that voice and those eyes 

And I let the chilly statue pass

Looking at the skies.

–  Alfred de Musset.

It is an honour to exhibit Polixeni Papapetrou’s current exhibition MY HEART – still full of her. This is a fearless body of work, and a profound testament to Polixeni’s insuppressable dedication to her practice. It has been an absolute privilege to have worked with her.

MY HEART – still full of her is on view at Michael Reid…

How To Mix Antiques With Modern Furniture For A Super Stylish Look

Mixing antiques with a modern decor adds charm and warmth to any room…but there is a knack to getting the look right. Here, antique dealer Roy Williams shares some insights that will inspire you to branch out.

Whatever look you covet for your home– modern, traditional or contemporary, including antiques to the mix will add texture and balance to your rooms, as well as creating the unexpected.

Antiques add a real element of surprise and every room should have a piece that has history and tells a story from the past—whether…

Robyn Foyster | Antique Lovers’ Cool And Collected Treasure Troves

Ahead of the AAADA Antiques Fair Melbourne on May 3 to 6, we explore the lifelong love and passion of two antique collectors and provide tips to mix and match the old with the new with confidence.

Two antique collectors who love the trend of mixing vintage and antiques with ultra-modern share their passion.

You could say antiques are in publisher Robyn Foyster’s DNA. She grew up surrounded by them; her aunt was an antique dealer and she visited galleries with her from a young age. “My favourite period…


Imaginary Voyages
Our latest themed list spans four centuries of imaginary voyages: whimsical, pedagogical, philosophical, fantastical, satirical: all explorations of Utopia or the world as it will or ought to be. Many offer prescient insight and many are absurd or comedic. Works by Vairasse, the rare “Histoire der Sevarambes” (an imaginary voyage to western Australia), and Foigny’s “Les Avantures de Jacques Sadeur dans la découverte …de la Terre Australe” are present, the earliest by the Dominican Tommasso Campanella prophesying (as a few in this list do) a coming Theocracy. Works by two of the great scholars of humanist thought:…


March News
Our March themed list encompasses over 200 years of seagoing: from Hoste’s classic of naval strategy sumptuously bound for Christian VII of Denmark; through to works on naval architecture, the principles of rigging (including Admiral Carnegie’s copy of David Steel’s Elements and practice of seamanship), nautical astronomy, the chronometer and nautical medicine; including an early French notice of Captain Cook’s findings on diet and scurvy, a finely bound set of Freind’s History of Physick (Freind maintained scurvy was unknown to the classical Greeks and Arabians, and was effectively a modern scourge) and a first edition of Rouppe’s work on Dutch voyage…


Welcome to our New Acquisitions list for March 2018.

Highlights include two sketchbooks filled with the extraordinary outsider art of a young woman living in a Gothic mansion in Melbourne’s Queens Road at the time of Federation; a dramatic lithographed wall hanging by The Working Men’s Educational Union (London, 1854), depicting the interior of a Maori marae; a photograph album compiled by colonial artist Elizabeth Douglass of Corio Villa, Geelong (1860s-70s); a fine first edition copy (in the original dust jacket) of Norman Lindsay’s second children’s book, The Flyaway Highway (1936); a very good copy of the limited edition Norman…

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