Hordern House November News
Our November list spans three hundred years of natural history: from John Gerard’s
handsome 17th Century English herbal; to a great feat of 20th Century publishing Banks’ Florilegium (from the original 18th Century copper-plates). In the wake of the great 18th & 19th Century voyages of exploration and scientific discovery are landmark works by the great naturalist Baron Cuvier, his rival, Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire (doing his scholarly best to explain the peculiarities of never-seen Australian fauna), works on entolomolgy by another Cuvier-contemporary Pierre André Latreille, and by René-Primavère Lesson the surgeon-naturalist who wrote the official account of the Duperrey voyage. There are charming works for the young and works of amazing beauty (including an uncommon monograph on the tree kangaroo by Rothschild & Dollman with fine coloured-plates, see detail above).
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As well, coinciding with the opening of a major exhibition on Cook and the Pacific at the National Library of Australia we have featured the wonderful artefact and rarity Alexander Shaw’s Catalogue of the Different Specimens of Cloth collected in the three voyages of Captain Cook…

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