Spring News
Our second major catalogue of the year marks the 200th anniversary of Louis de Freycinet’s arrival in Western Australia. See item 21 for the wonderful Hydrographical Atlas from this voyage. This was Louis’ second visit, his first was as the cartographer-surveyor for the Baudin expedition, a fine account of which is included (see item 2), as well as the only published portrait of him (see item 18).


Before European landfall, Macrobius posits the existence of a Great South Land with his brilliant mapping of the world (see item 30). Other highlights include a rare Russian edition of the chart by Tupaia, the Tahitian priest and remarkable member of Cook’s Endeavour voyage; a presentation copy of Remy’s important Hawaiian history; a beautiful copy of Josephus’ great history of the Jews from the Library at Chatsworth; as well as foundation works on Colonial Australia and a fine painting of Port Phillip in the gold rush–a small masterpiece.
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Our featured work, Summa de Arithmetica by Luca Pacioli, is ‘The earliest printed book to treat algebra comprehensively, and the first to contain double-entry book-keeping’. Pacioli is revered as the “Father of Accounting” because of this foundation treatise.
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