The Ceramic Collectors Society

Invites you to attend the lecture by Dr. Matthew Martin

“COBALT CARGOES – Asian Cobalt Decorated Ceramics  and Their Early European Imitators”

On Monday 27th August 2018, at 7.45 for 8 pm

At the Roseville Uniting Church Hall, 7 Lord Street, Roseville.

Dr. Matthew Martin is Curator at the National Gallery of Victoria in the Department of International Decorative Arts and Antiquities.   He has published papers on many topics in the decorative arts and lectures nationally and internationally in this area.  He has also curated and co-curated numerous exhibitions at the NGV, including the current “Japonisme: Japan and the Birth of Modern Art”.   He has previously presented lectures for the Ceramic Collectors Society.

Dr. Martin’s lecture on 27th August 2018 will explore the complex origins of the blue and white porcelain tradition in China and the subsequent history of this porcelain’s dissemination throughout Asia.  This lecture will then look at the seaborne trade with Europe in the late Ming period and the stimulation of European ceramic industries to emulate Asian blue and white porcelain in European earthenware and porcelain bodies.


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