How to wax your antique furniture.
Apply wax sparingly with a cloth. Avoid over application. The more wax you apply, the more wax you will have to buff off later on. Allow to dry and harden for at least thirty minutes or more; longer if you can. Overnight is great.

Buff with a clean cloth in direction of the grain. You should only have to apply light to medium pressure to get the wax to shine. As you continue to polish, your pad will build up excess wax. You will feel the pad start to grip the surface, and it will no longer buff. Just turn the cloth over to a clean side or replace it.

Exactly how often should you wax your furniture? The answer depends on how often you use the furniture. As a general guide, pieces used every day would benefit from having a wax twice a year as a minimum. Less regularly used pieces may only need to be waxed once a year.

Waxing just the big flat sections of your furniture is not only quick and easy; it’s normally all that is required to keep your furniture looking beautiful.

The Merchant of Welby stocks and uses Gilly’s Waxes & Polishes and we highly recommend them. Made from West Australian beeswax, there is absolutely no substitute for a pure beeswax polish. Gilly’s polishes are easy to use and also have lovely scents.

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