The AAADA is the leading industry body representing Antique and Fine Art dealers in Australia. Our members operate well established businesses, are respected for their expertise in their chosen fields, and continually seek to expand that knowledge.

Who we are

The AAADA is consulted by Government Agencies and Collectors Societies on all matters relating to Antiques and the Fine Arts. AAADA members offer professional advice and a commitment to advancing the understanding of Antiques and Fine Arts in the Australian community. This site lists our expertly vetted members who uphold the principles of the Association and adhere to its Codes of Practice. You will also find Service Providers who have been recommended by our members for their abilities to provide various categories of restoration, valuations and ancillary services.

Our Aims

  • To promote the appreciation and preservation of Antiques and Fine Arts
  • Ensure a professional standard that protects the value of items purchased
  • Fully describe our products and stand behind our sales descriptions
  • Adhere to the AAADA ‘Code of Practice’ which clearly outlines our responsibilities to customers
  • Maintain high ethical standards and comply with all Government and statutory requirements

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