Approved Services Scheme Code of Practice

1. Written quotes will be provided for all work prior to the commencement of that work and will include (if appropriate) costs of materials, costs of labour and any other considerations. Quotes shall be adhered to provided that no longer period than three (3) months has elapsed since the supply of such quote, unless other works are mutually agreed to by both parties prior to and during the completion of the work, and that this has been noted and endorsed by both parties to the agreement, at the time that the alteration came into effect.

2. Professional services such as Fine Art Packing, Carriage, Valuations and Consultations, Jewellery, Silver, Porcelain and other repairs, will where appropriate, clearly define the methods to be employed, materials to be used, service to be provided and an advance written estimate of the cost of the complete service.

3. All work or services provided will be guaranteed against faulty materials and workmanship, and where appropriate, will be guaranteed against defects for a period of no less than twelve (12) months.

4. Approved Service Providers shall accept responsibility for services offered, work carried out or quotes given by their staff. Staff must be appraised of all requirements in the Association’s Code of Practice.

5. Any Approved Service Provider who accepts an advance payment or deposit for services shall clearly record in writing the terms of the contract, and by what period the full amount is to be paid. A copy of the terms is to be supplied to the customer at the time.

6. Complaints regarding faulty workmanship or dissatisfaction with any services provided should firstly be taken up with the provider of the service, and in the event where no amicable solution can be reached, the complainant may put their case in writing to The Australian Antique & Art Dealers Association Arbitrator, who will attempt to mediate the dispute without affecting either parties’ rights in law.

7. Approved Service Providers shall not state or imply that membership of the Approved Services Scheme entitles them to any special standing insofar as authenticity or quality of service offered is concerned. Responsibility for all claims on statements as to authenticity or quality of service lies solely with the member.

8. Approved Service Providers have no authority to act on behalf of or speak for the Association, save insofar as expressly authorised by the Executive.

Conciliation Services

Should an occasion arise where either the customer or service provider feel they have been unfairly treated, the AAADA Conciliation Service will provide prompt and informal conciliation.

Attention is expressly drawn to the fact that nothing in the above conditions shall affect the legal rights or obligations of any party to a dispute.

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