In Sweet September 1895

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Edith E Williams (1868-1956)
45 cm x 24.5 cm
Oil on canvas

This beautiful painting is possibly the artwork catalogued in the Art Society of NSW Annual exhibition, 1895.  Catalogue number 94, titled ‘In Sweet September’.The theme of the exhibition was spring, and the exhibition was held in September. The composition depicts a blooming garden in spring. A lady appears to be working in the tranquil setting, with the homestead in the background. The title ‘In Sweet September’ is very fitting.The piece is housed in the original timber frame, and is in excellent condition. It is signed on the lower right.Holmwood ave, Strathfield was William’s address in the 1890s, The Federation house in the background of the painting is likely to have been the family home.‘In Sweet September’  is typical of works painted at the turn of the century, another work of a similar size and composition that was painted and exhibited c1895 for the Art Society of NSW is ‘Afternoon Knap, Beaconsfield 1895’ by Sophie Steffanoni. The painting is a similar size and composition, a relaxed figure is seated in a blossoming garden. The suburban Idyl.
An interesting piece of Australian painting history

Price: $4,400

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