Stephen BOWERS, Camouflage Series (Dinner Plate) Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo 2016

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  • Camouflage Series (Dinner Plate) Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo


Stephen BOWERS 1953 -
Jigger-jolley, earthenware, underglaze colour, on-glaze burnished gold and enamel
signed verso
diam. 31.5 cm
The Camouflage Series is an appropriately Antipodean response to the grand European dinner service tradition. Given this heritage, the decoration is a fusion of Australian and exotic motifs. The plates are individually decorated with Australian birds set against complex backgrounds of fragmentary decorative ornament, including several Morris patterns, printed French toiles along with sections referencing antique blue and white and Ming porcelains. Suggestions of shadows and overlaps are used skilfully. Another element of visual play occurs throughout the series; carefully painted tromp l’oeil amber ‘beads’. These form a kind of signature for the series, a broken and scattered necklace, which connects across all the pieces.

Price: $4,500

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