Hilda Rix Nicholas, The Bride (June Ashley Wilson) c.1938

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  • The Bride (June Ashley Wilson)


Hilda Rix Nicholas 1884 - 1961
oil on canvas
98 x 94 cm

"In 1938, the artist began work on a portrait of June Ashley-Wilson, daughter of Dorothy's [Dorothy Richmond, friend and travelling companion of the artist who appeared in her work, most famously as Une Australienne in the collection of the National Gallery of Australia] sister Jocelyn, who was dear to Rix Nicholas though she lacked close attention to detail as a governess  [for the artist's son, Rix]. ... June and I are sitting before the fire in Long Room - she reading 'That Brave Heart' and I writing  - This afternoon was our third sitting on portrait of June - I know you'd love the beginning. It will be unusual - & classic & lovely in colour - She is standing near the Belgian cabinet & lovely golden light from the side window & cool light from the big window - delicate and lovely on her fair hair & skin - her frock is medieval in character & ivory embossed satin (doesn't show embossing) orange blossom around her golden head - She is to be holding a sheaf of golden lilies - on arm - lovely simple pale colours ivory and soft grey-green of tapestry (from Square Hall) and only 'live' colour coral lips - Dignified - & not a bit "pretty pretty" ... [letter to Dorothy Richmond]" Paris to Monaro: Pleasures from the studio of Hilda Rix Nicholas, National Portrait Gallery, 2013, pp. 62 & 73

Price: $80,000

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