Tira Lewis, Australian Antique & Art Dealers Association 

Let’s first dissect these two ideas. Maximalism is the art of pairing bold colours, bright patterns, various woods, and patinas with silver, gold, and glass of every colour and style! If this sounds like visual overload, the trend may not be for you, but you can still incorporate elements of it.

Start with something you love, like a set of silver cutlery you’ve had tucked away. Begin by setting the table for dinner, then layer it with additional elements such as a bunch of flowers or foliage from your garden placed in a vase you adore. Bring out the glassware, water and wine glasses, and maybe even a silver goblet. Use delicate pouring jugs for sauces, along with small spoons and forks for condiments—anything that’s useful! Put them out and use them. While these items may not necessarily ‘match,’ imagine how fabulous your dining table looks! Extend this approach to any area of your house. Layering is the key—mix eras, styles, bold prints, colours, and materials. Have fun with it!

Now onto decluttering. This trend is about removing things from your home that you don’t use, love, or need anymore. It doesn’t mean clearing the entire house; rather, it suggests being more mindful about what you bring into your space and what you should let go of. The basic principle is that the items in your house should be manageable. Avoid keeping 10 empty antique frames if you’re never going to repurpose them. Don’t store things unless there’s a good reason, which, incidentally, can include rotating your collections, as long as you remember where you put them and actually bring them back out.

Look around your house, edit your life, and evaluate the items in it. The end result will be a home that brings you happiness rather than stress. You’ll use the items you love instead of keeping them tucked away for special occasions.

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