Like Editions of books many fine antiques are reproductions, and then they become collectable in their own right

Have you ever looked at a perfectly styled interior on social media and noticed the little details… the flowers in a vase, the throw positioned in only a way a stylist can get right, the heirloom furniture sitting just so with modern art… do you dream of living in these spaces? 

I know I do. Every day I get drawn into other peoples living rooms, and walk through them imagining myself sitting on that antique chair and feeling the beautiful fabric, or wandering down the hallway admiring the art so carefully hung along it. How wonderful is it that people have allowed their most intimate spaces to be photographed for us to admire. I know I feel fortunate and I’m not the only one given the popularity of interior design accounts. 

For me I love the spaces that blend the old and the new. Not settling for one style or era, rather making the interiors an extension of the people that live in them. Sometimes I get curious and research where the items come from, and will see familiar names of antique dealers. Then I ponder the possibilities, could I have have a similar look in my home?

Many times I might just admire rather than purchase something as budget may not allow for what it is that I’ve fallen in love with. But with a little bit of research with a smaller budget I may find a reproduction, an antique one at that!

Like Editions of books many fine antiques are reproductions, and then they become collectable in their own right, it comes down to how the item has lasted through time. If it’s still around to enjoy today then it’s a fine example of remarkable quality and how ‘original’ it is becomes secondary to the workmanship and the condition of it. 

Antiques Fairs are a great place to view the variety of fine quality pieces that could be part of your home, some original, some rare, some more affordable – a curated range of antique homewares, art, furniture and jewellery from all eras.

The Australian Antique & Art Dealers Association (AAADA) Antiques & Art Fair Sydney has an exciting new venue at The Great Hall – University of Sydney, and new dates, 1-3 September 2023.  

So if you’re researching a style or in need of inspiration these are the events to go to. Not only can you expect our exhibitors to bring you the finest pieces, but also you can buy with confidence knowing that they use their expert knowledge while guided by the AAADA Code of Practice. 

AAADA Antiques & Art Fair Sydney
1-3 September 2023
The Great Hall – University of Sydney
Tickets on sale now SYDNEY 

Buy your tickets online for a chance to WIN $1,000 to spend at the AAADA Antiques & Art Fair Sydney and a AAADA representative will take you around the fair providing you with guidance as you browse. All admission tickets purchased to either fair online are automatically entered for their corresponding location. For eligibility check our T&Cs on our website. Entries for Sydney close 5pm on the 29th of August 2023 (AEST).


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Stuart Rattle at the 2013 Antiques & Art Fair Melbourne

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