Day Fine Art

Day Fine Art was founded in 2010 by Vincent and Helen Day.
Our gallery focus is exhibiting artwork with a high level of visual sophistication, from colonial to contemporary Australian art.
We work closely with a small group of emerging Australian contemporary artists, whose aesthetics vary widely. Whilst our curatorial philosophy is eclectic, the focus is on contemporary social and environmental issues.
The gallery also has a strong interest in Australian artworks painted between 1830 and 1950.

The following institutions hold works procured by Day Fine Art:

Australian Maritime Museum

Art Gallery of NSW

National Library of Australia

Australian War Memorial

National Gallery of Australia

Ballarat Art Gallery

Creswick Museum

South Australian Library


Art; Australian Art

Day Fine Art
27-29 Govett's Leap Road
Blackheath NSW 2785

Fri to Mon | 10am-5pm
Vincent Day
Helen Day
T: 0404 930 120
T: 0424 842 294

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Inlet, Victorian Coast
Inlet, Victorian Coast 1929
Mountain Nymphs
Mountain Nymphs c1919
Govetts Leap, Blackheath
Govetts Leap, Blackheath c1930
The Note
The Note 2000
Lily Pond
Lily Pond 1984
In Sweet September
In Sweet September 1895
The Pink Hat
The Pink Hat c1935
A Star Explodes
A Star Explodes 1932
Country Idyll
Country Idyll c1920
Baeza, Spain
Baeza, Spain c1926
Repose 1934
The Hermitage Cordova
The Hermitage Cordova 1929
The Old Parador Del General, Malaga (The Parador)
The Old Parador Del Genera ... 1937
Travelling Sheep
Travelling Sheep 1922
Feathered Debut
Feathered Debut 1890
Joseph and Potiphars Wife
Joseph and Potiphars Wife 1782
Head of a Youth
Head of a Youth 1720
Native Wisteria
Native Wisteria 1880
The Digger
The Digger 1850
In The Beginning
In The Beginning 1940
Yachting in the Harbour
Yachting in the Harbour 1882
Western Desert Tribesman
Western Desert Tribesman 1930
Kangaroo Hunting
Kangaroo Hunting 1860
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