Local Melbourne Antique Pop Up Fair sells 18th Century gilt bronze figure for a world class price.

On the opening day one of the finest gilt bronze Amitayus, the Celestial Buddha of Infinite Life, to be seen in Melbourne for some time was sold to a foreign buyer, for an undisclosed but sizeable amount. A similar one was sold in Christie’s Auction House in  New York just last year.

The Celestial Buddha originated from the Tibetan region, possibly inner Mongolia, Dobn Nor. The old Mongol capital; Xanadu was patronised by the Qing Emperors as a centre of Buddhist learning during the time of the figures production.

The Pop Up Antiques Fair is presented by the…

Ken Done the Wynne and Sulman Prizes at the Art Gallery of NSW

We were all thrilled that Ken was selected this year as a finalist in both the Wynne and Sulman Prizes at the Art Gallery of NSW. The Wynne is awarded to the best landscape painting of Australian scenery, while the Sulman is given to the best subject painting. These three iconic exhibitions are the most famous (and often the most controversial!) in Australia, and our congratulations go to this year’s winners Tony Costa (Archibald), Sylvia Ken (Wynne) and McLean Edwards (Sulman). The finalist exhibitions are on show at the Art Gallery of NSW until September 8th.

Find more information and buy tickets here as…

LIGHT YEARS to Tour: Perth Centre of Photography


Follow the incredible reception in Sydney, Light Years will soon tour to the Perth Centre of Photography (July 5th – August 3rd) and we are already in discussions with other institutions to further tour the show. These are Australia’s leading photo-media artists, presented by Australia’s leading photo-media gallery. As always, Light Years ahead.

See this trailblazing show in Sydney before it closes. Please join our Artists for the Finissage of this groundbreaking exhibition at sundown on the 25th of May. Details below.

Request PDF catalogue: LIGHT YEARS

Michael Reid…

Fresh at Moorabool…. a great collection for you!

Bumper Fresh Stock!

We are pleased to offer some fresh additions to

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This week, some great English ceramics, mostly pre-1850 and mostly very usable…. plus a few surprises, such as the two bronze animals above, some Staffordshire ‘Royals’, and a great 1930’s Danish Deco vase.


Paul Rosenberg, Alard Pett & all @ Moorabool Antiques

Two recently-discovered works by 18th Century Women Artists

Two recently-discovered works by 18th Century Women Artists
STONE, Sarah (1758-1853). Tahitian Mourner from an Album of forty-five watercolours.
Announcing our new catalogue which includes two important works by 18th Century women artists:
A previously unrecorded album of 45 watercolours by Sarah Stone of Leverian Museum fame. Besides a couple of single images this beautiful album is the only surviving example of Sarah Stone’s work after her marriage. It is therefore one of the most…

STUDIO DIRECT Art News + Private Treaty Sale: Ben Quilty + Free Art iPhone App

STUDIO DIRECT GROUP SHOW – curated by Amber Creswell Bell

Studio Direct is a unique collecting experience that connects art collectors with artists at the developing stages of their creative careers. There is a focus on quality artworks from promising artists across the country at accessible prices for collectors. Curated by Amber Creswell Bell, Studio Direct will release a new body of work from an emerging artist every month.

To launch to program, we will exhibit a group show of works by the 2019 Studio Direct Artists at Michael Reid Murrurundi. This exhibition is currently showing and will exhibit throughout May. To request a…

Antique dealing in the 21st Century; A Pop Up Shop Story.

This is the story of how four antiques dealers ventured into the 21st century with their very first pop up retail shop, how we find our way into a new world.

What the!?!  Who would have ever thought us too!?!

Well, as it has happened, by a series of circumnatious events, discussions, ideas being thrown into to the ether, querulous inflections of rhetorical “don’t quite understand”s “who’s planet are we on?”, and gumption, chutzpah and sheer illogical intuitive rational; a small but determined group of Antique dealers came to the conclusion that we would ”go with the flow” and do…

LIGHT YEARS: Photographic Light Boxes; Key Works (2005-2019)

Michael Reid

until May 29th

Michael Reid Sydney’s inaugural lightbox exhibition is entitled, Light Years. The term denotes a long distance; a great improvement and speed. That long distance refers to just how far the technology has come; from the hot and inconsistent fluorescent tubes; from the heat damaged prints, and from the clumsy, heavy box.

The new LED form of the lightbox finally allows this art-medium to stand beside large scale photographic prints, no longer as a cumbersome experimental box, but a captivating, slimline and resolved mode of presentation.

Each significant contemporary artist in this enluminure, has selected an iconic image to highlight…

Fresh @ Moorabool….

Premium Special Stock

We are pleased to offer some fresh additions to

As a subscriber, you have first look at our recent finds – and first chance to buy.

This week, some great Oriental pieces of Chinese & Japanese including Nyonya, Porcelains, some ivory, and wood carvings, alongside some superb English porcelains, and another group of the great Victorian moulded jugs. There’s also a stunning Sterling Silver teaset of unusually heavy weight…..


Paul Rosenberg, Alard Pett & all @ Moorabool Antiques

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